モノクロで弁当を撮る。食べる人と、弁当の写真を2枚組で並べる。「ニッポン チャチャチャ」は、日本全国をまわり、これまで150の弁当とそれを食べる人との出会いがあって生まれた作品だ。

Beginning was monochrome. The red of a tomato, yellow of an omelet, green of a spinach. Coloring is erased and there are visible some. A maker's breathing can be heard from the small space called lunch. Those who eat, and those who make. There was a wonderful charm which projects even the person's life and a family's figure in lunch. 
A picture of lunch is taken in monochrome.The photograph of lunch is compared with those who eat by two pieces.The Nippon cha-cha-cha is the work which there is encounter with the lunch of 150 and those that eat it, and was produced as for the surroundings in the Japan whole country until now. In fact, he noticed later.The work the square universe which photographed the room with the friend. This photoed the same person in their room through the years for ten years for 1989, and 1999 years.People is seen through small space called the room.Room and lunch.Both are the mysterious existences which are not usually shown to others.Joy which tries to look into it.In respect of the small universe, lunch and the room are themes to pursue forever for me.